Hoopa Development Fund - Lending to Hoopa Tribal Members and the Hoopa Community
Information for Current Credit Division Borrowers
Need to Refinance Your Loan?
The Credit Division requires that $300.00 of your loan be paid off in order to be eligible to refinance your loan. If you are unsure about your present balance, call (530) 625-5565 and we'll be happy to verify it for you. Visit the Home Page for an application today!
Having Financial Difficulties?
Communication is extremely important! We at Hoopa Development Fund understand that uncontrollable circumstances can happen to anybody at anytime. We offer assistance upon approval from the HDF Committee such as deferments on accounts for a $50 fee per account that can be paid at anytime throughout the course of your loan. There are also additional options for Home Loan Borrowers. Call us today at (530) 625-5565 to go over your options!
Purchase your Credit Report
Are you or someone you know curious about what your credit score is, or what is on your Credit Report? HDF provides copies of Credit Reports for $15.00! Anyone can buy a credit report, whether you are a Hoopa Tribal Member or not. Contact Cassandra Chavez at hdf_manager@hotmail..com for more information.
Credit Counseling Available
Are you drowning in bills that are affecting your credit? Do you need someone help you understand how to handle creditors? You're in luck; HDF offers Credit Counseling upon request. Call (530) 625-5565 for more information today!
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